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About Lotti Dotties

About Lotti Dotties
Lotti Dotties™ is the only interchangeable magnetic jewelry system featuring "Dotties," magnetic inserts inlaid with colorful glass, shimmering rhinestone crystals, decorative metal, and other materials. Unique and versatile, Lotti Dotties lets you change the look of your jewelry as easy and often as you change your mind.

Changing You Dotties
To remove/change your Dottie simply, turn over your finding (ring, bracelet, etc.) and locate the hole at the center of the finding's underside. Using either the Lotti Dotties tool, or other thin pointed object (pencil, pen, etc.), place the tip through the hole and against the back of the Dottie and press gently. The Dottie will detach from the finding and can easily be removed. We do not recommend removing Dotties by using your fingernail to pick them out of the top of the finding.

Wear & Care of Dotties and Findings
When you place a new Dottie into your finding please make sure the base of the Dottie sits flush with the bottom of the finding. This will help prevent your Dottie from accidentally detaching and falling out. As with all silver-plated jewelry, tarnishing may occur over time. To keep your Dotties/findings looking their best , clean them with a dry polishing cloth. Please refrain from using liquid jewelry cleaners. These products strip the plating on all plated jewelry and cause permanent damage. We also encourage you to limit exposing your Dotties/findings to water (bathing, hand-washing, etc.) and never wear them into a pool or spa.

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